Driver pays up for false tickets

2012-06-19 11:30

A former estate agent has been ordered to pay a steep fine and do community service after he tried to avoid paying a daily parking charge by fooling traffic wardens with a false parking ticket.

The London Daily Mail reports a former estate agent who stacked up R13 000 made a valiant effort to avoid raking in additional fines – by displaying fake parking tickets on his car.

Benjamin Evans is alleged to have cooked up the scam in a bid to avoid a daily parking fee for his BMW of £8 (equivalent to R104).


Of course, that was before an eagle-eyed warden in Southampton, Christopher Meadows, spotted discrepancies between the standard ticket and the one displayed on Evans’ car.

According to the Daily Mail, once in court, Evans continued to deny any knowledge of the scam, instead blaming a fictional friend and former colleague for the fake fines.

For his efforts, the 27-year old has now been ordered by his local Magistrate’s Court to pay costs of £530 (R6890) and complete 130 hours of community service after he was found guilty of committing fraud.

Evans, who has three previous parking convictions, admitted to failing to give information that would identify him as the owner of the car, was also found guilty of a second charge of displaying a false parking ticket.