Dramatic Birdcage 75th on display

2012-07-25 11:53

The stunning Birdcage 75th by Pininfarina is set to be the star of Passione Engadina, the international gathering of Italian historic cars taking place in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

The award-winning concept supercar, first shown in 2005, will be on display for the duration of the event.

Presented in 2005 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Pininfarina, the Birdcage 75th is based on the Maserati MC12 and is a collaboration between Masterati, Motorola and Pininfarina.


The model was awarded the Louis Vuitton Classic Concept Award in 2006 for the following reason: “Celebrating the cooperation between Maserati, Motorola and Pininfarina, the Birdcage 75th is both a high level concept car integrating the most modern technologies and a fascinating dream car as was imagined in the Sixties”.

At its debut at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, Autoweek awarded the Birdcage 75th its “Best Concept” prize stating: “Birdcage 75th is pure unadulterated passion. The Pininfarina concept car also embodies the spirit of the Geneva Show. Birdcage 75th is precisely what Americans expect from an independent design house such as Pininfarina which has now become a myth”.

The Passione Engadina takes place from August 24 to 26.