Dodging fines? No new car licence

2012-06-22 12:52

Western Cape MEC for transport and public works Robin Carlisle has announced that drivers with outstanding warrants of arrest will soon have nowhere to hide.

We reported earlier on a raft of changes that government hopes to implement and it seems the crackdown on drivers will continue.

Starting in the Western Cape, government will place an Admin Mark on the Electronic National Administration Traffic Information System (eNaTIS) that will record drivers with outstanding warrants of arrest for a traffic offence.


Individuals with an Admin Mark will not be able to conduct any transactions with eNaTIS until the problem has been resolved.

Carlise said: “We’ve already trialled the Admin Mark on the 100 public transport operators with the most outstanding warrants, and the results were almost instantaneous. Individuals who have flouted the law for years are forced to come forward.

“We’re currently managing the process at (the Department of) Transport and Public Works, although we are in the process of rolling out the capability to the municipalities, starting with the City of Cape Town. At this stage, the process is locked down via internal control measures,” said Carlisle.

Drivers with outstanding warrants of arrest will be prevented from performing the following actions:

1. Renewing their driving licences.
2. Registering a vehicle on their name or obtaining a licence disk for a registration renewal.
3. Obtaining a roadworthy certificate.
4. Transferring a vehicle registration.
Public transport operators will not be able to obtain or renew operating licences until their eNATIS record is clear.


Carlisle said: “Avoiding the consequences and expenses that can result from being Admin Marked is actually very easy for motorists: follow the rules of the road and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

“The Admin Mark will mean that you may find yourself without a valid driver’s or vehicle licence, which could harm your livelihood and that of your family. I strongly urge all motorists not to get themselves into this position in the first place, by ensuring they follow the rules of the road.”

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  • fredster.mania.5 - 2012-06-22 14:53

    Cool. Its about time

      Arthur Salvado - 2012-06-26 08:56

      It's about time that we deliver text books to our school children, build houses for the poor and stop going after easy money i.e the motorist. Why go into all this trouble when we know where the problem is. It's not speeding ( mostly) instead of hiding behind trees, just stand any where on the road and watch taxis and others who behave like taxis. .....total disregard and often in front of police eating fat hamburgers on the side of the road. .. Disgrace !

  • jacques.pieterse.9028 - 2012-06-22 16:28

    Robin Carlisle is a complete joke! Costing our tax payers millions! Money, money, money for the City?

  • jobertokotze - 2012-06-22 17:30

    This is a joke, Govt creating a new kind of criminal and more work for themselves...

      Arthur Salvado - 2012-06-26 08:49

      Quite right. They will fine you even though your innocent so pay up and then dispute it at your cost

  • gordon.g.miller - 2012-06-22 22:32

    Becoming easy and necessary to pay the bribe rather

  • Mark - 2012-06-23 08:38

    I agree this is a good system. First of all this will force taxi drivers to be more responsible on the road along with other road hogs, most of whom will disagree with this system and also give me a thumbs down. :)

      clinton.bowden1 - 2012-06-25 09:10

      As if you believe that Taxis actually renew their license disks every year ( in the legal sense ).

  • desmond.drake.1 - 2012-06-23 18:44

    Even more unlicenced taxi's and taxi drivers will be on the roads.

  • ronald.koenis.1 - 2012-06-24 10:06

    I strongly support this procedure. It will ensure fairness between the law abiding citizens and those that perhaps had an occasional fine, yet paid their dues for the particular contravention and those thinking they can do as they wish and get away with it!

      Arthur Salvado - 2012-06-26 08:48

      I just wish the government would put as much effort into our education but of course , education doesn't bring in cash to buy bigger cars, sun glasses and watches ( watch opening of parliament) lets get our priorities right. This new regulation will only encourage more blue uniforms behind trees.

  • david.diego.14 - 2012-06-25 11:13

    Thats rubbish,do u remember that those law its against the poor when those official busy stealing our tax money!!

  • Johannes Daniël Kitshoff - 2012-06-26 23:50

    This is the most rubbish i have heard in a long time. what did ever happen to the point system? Nothing because its impossible so this new idea they are having is just a money making scheme someone have thought out and make quick buck into their pocket

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