'Dead' crash victim heads home

2012-05-11 13:51

MELBOURNE, Australia - Earlier in April 2012 we reported on an Australian who was pronounced dead by paramedics who then left the scene of a car crash. He was later found to still be alive and taken to hospital by embarrassed emergency personal.

Now Daniel Huf has been discharged from hospital after making a more-than-remarkable recovery.

Huf was trapped upside down in the wreckage of a Porsche in a Melbourne suburb and was declared dead after being examined by paramedics. He was reportedly left in the car for more than an hour while police began their investigations.


An emergency official began removing what they thought was a corpse and discovered a Huf still had a pulse.

Huf's father said: "We know it is a miracle that Daniel can walk, read, speak some recognisable words, write logical messages and recognise his visitors.

"He is able to perform some basic life skills of helping to shower and dress himself."

Victoria State ambulance service has said it was investigating the bungle with the two paramedics involved and traumatised by their mistake.