Dacia driver gets tunnel vision

2012-04-25 07:16

PARIS, France - A man drove his Dacia Duster down the steps of a central Paris Metro station in central Paris on Tuesday, mistaking the entrance for that of a car park.

"There's a sign saying 'Haussmann Parking' right in front (of the Metro entrance), and... I made a mistake," the distraught 26-year-old who would only give his first name, Johan, told AFP, noting that the entrance was nearly level with the street. "Luckily there was nobody on the stairs."

The Dacia was not damaged.


He said he was driving slowly so managed to brake in time to stop the car, leaving the back wheels on the level. A crowd of passers-by formed quickly to snap pictures of the car poised partway down the stairs.

Police were quick to give Johan an alcohol test, which he passed.

An employee of a nearby restaurant said a similar incident took place at the site four or five years ago. - AFP