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Corvette-powered Brit supercar

2010-08-20 08:20

Have a rash only supercar ointment can heal? Well, Arash’s AF-10 is nearing completion and set to go on sale next year.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Arash
Model AF-10
Engine 7l V8
Power 410k-, 630, 895kW
Near the university town of Cambridge a new hopeful is preparing for membership of the British supercar club.

Arash cars went off the media radar since announcing plans around its radical AF10 model late last year.

Don’t think this budding supercar brand – with its rather unsubtle golden eagle logo – has gone bust though.

Arash has now released specification and images of its AF-10 supercar in prototype form.

Powered by a Corvette Z06-sourced 7l V8 engine, the AF-10 is aiming to tally performance statics of 328km/h and 0-100km in 3.4 seconds. 

A six-speed manual transmission, sourced from Italian supplier Graziano, transfers drive to the rear wheels.

The AF-10’s core is aluminium honeycomb, strengthened with carbon fibre, whilst the surfacing is a nomex-cored composite. With those hotplate taillights it has a Ferrari Enzo look about it from the rear.

Beyond the 410kW AF-10, Arash will offer a supercharged ‘S’ version too – boasting 630kW.

For particularly safety-averse customers, R17m will secure a special range-topping forced-induction AF-10 S boosting up to 895kW – though we’ll believe those figures when we see an engine dynamometer data slip.

Pricing for the entry-level Arash AF-10 is approximately R3.6m. Arash says its development timetable is on course to bring the naturally-aspirated AF-10 to market by next year.

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