Cops at war over cop's arrest

2011-11-04 12:30

A few days ago we reported that a Florida policewomen arrested a cop from the Miami police department for reckless driving - well, things have escalated... and both sides are armed and dangerous.

Shades of that turf war in Jozi a few years ago when traffic cops went on strike in Johannesburg. The naiotnal police went on strike in 2008 over a wage dispute and blocked an elevated highway with their vehicles. The JHB metro cops showed up and a firefight broke out between then.

Officer Donna Jane Watts arrested Fausto Lopez for driving at 180+km/h in his police car while running late on his way to a second job. He was charged with reckless driving.


Now members of the Miami-Dade Police Department are not taking kindly to having one of their own arrested and have started a war of words with the "rival" precinct.

The Miami cops are complaining that it was an over-reaction by Watts; Florida Highway Patrol is backing its trooper. Animosity between departments isn't new, especially when you have overlapping districts, but the officers involved have taken their tiff online through angry letters and comments.


The shameful bickering by the police officers has been posted on the website leoaffairs.com, a forum reserved for law enforcement officers.

The head of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police sent a letter defending Lopez while Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa said his antics were "knuckle-headed" and that "he will pay for it".

Some choice comments on the site posted by police bloggers include: "To my fellow MDPD officers, these troopers have gone far enough. First the bitch draws her firearm, then she calls him a criminal.

"Miami is the only place I know where cops have turf battles and are always screwing each other. Maybe if the corruption stops it wouldn't happen that way. Glad I left a long time ago."

A few commenters believe both parties are at fault for punishing Lopez for to his dangerous road manners and Watts for escalating the situation by brandishing a firearm.


Aduh wrote: "What’s wrong with pulling anyone over for going 60km/h over if no emergency lights are on? Whats wrong with pulling a gun on someone who finally decides to pull over after speeding away from you and swerving all over the road?

"More importantly, what is wrong with all you cops? Wonder why Joe Public hates you?"

The ordeal seems rather juvenile and we wouldn't be surprised if each side starts spreading malicious rumours about the other around the canteen or plans a West Side Story style dance fight.

Until, that is, the bigger kids (Read - Internal Affairs) show up...

Check the video below:
Here you can see a baffled Lopez being arrested by a fellow cop

  • Grant - 2011-11-04 13:08

    Right to pull him over and to arrest him... even pulling the gun initially (in case the car was stolen). But the cuffs when the guy was so obviously co-operating was just taking the p!ss. Stupid guy AND stupid woman!

  • ludlowdj - 2011-11-04 13:31

    No-one most especially police officers are above the law, and as apposed to other comments here, even if he was a cop, standard procedure dictates that he be cuffed while in custody. Bottom line, you break the law, I don't care if you are the president, you pay!!

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