Christian drivers haven't a prayer

2012-03-09 14:10

Johannesburg - There will be "zero tolerance" for traffic offenders en route to a Zion Christian Church prayer meeting in Taung, North West public safety people have warned. There are lions in the bushes...

At least 120 traffic cops will be lying in wait for the ungodly on Friday "to ensure no reckless and negligent driving", a department spokesman warned. That should make sure they don't have a prayer...


"The deployment is in anticipation of high volumes of traffic." the spokesman added portentiously. "Police would maintain a high visibility on all major routes to and from Taung over the weekend."

Bless them! And, the place being Taung, we hope there'll be no skulduggery about bribes.

"Provincial traffic authorities urge motorists [and, presumably, taxi and bus drivers] to co-operate with traffic officials and to obey signage that will direct them to reserved parking."

For those who do make it it to Taung, ZCC marshals will point the way to designated parking, but be warned: the tarred road between Taung station and the village will be closed to traffic from 3pm Saturday to 5pm Sunday.