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Changes to Volvo S40, V50

2007-04-11 07:25
Volvo's S40 and its V50 sibling have done much to inject new blood into the Swedish marque. Look out for these dramatically revised models later this year.

As part of their mid-life refreshening, both models are being significantly stepped up with Volvo determined to tap into the younger buyer segment, particularly to complement its latest salvo with the voluptuous C30.

Both models now more closely resemble larger siblings. The S40 design now follows the S80's styling more closely, while the V50 takes its cue from the recently revealed V70.

S40 shows a new nose that creates a lower stance with a new grille and headlight cluster and larger Volvo emblem, while the V50 follows a similar convention with its more muscular egg-crate grille.

At the rear, both models take on a slimmer light cluster with LED lamps and new bumpers with integrated reflectors.

Inside the cabin, Volvo's signature floating console and door panel inserts have been significantly revised. Fresh design details for the instrument panel and new upholstery choices are also available.

The host of new safety features includes optional swiveling bi-xenon headlights and Emergency Brake Lights that flash when the brake pedal is stomped on.

The engine line-up is likely to remain largely unchanged, though international sources reveal a power hike of about 7% on the turbocharged T5 engine. Volvo SA has said it will reveal more specific details closer to the facelifts' launch at the end of the third quarter of this year.


  • Volvo S40
  • Volvo V50

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