Car2go makes commuting simpler

2012-07-26 14:14

More than 6000 new members have registered with Mercedes-Benz's car2go carsharing service within the first 100 days of operations in Portland, Oregon. The service is used more than 4500 times a week, according to owners Daimler North America.

The company intends to add a further 30 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles (EV) to the 250 EVs launched to its Portland network in March, 2012.


Mayor of Portland Sam Adams said of the car2go expansion: “Adding electric vehicles is the next step in an already successful carsharing collaboration between the city and car2go. Emissions-free carsharing is a natural progression for this city’s overall clean transportation plan and our healthy and sustainable future.”

Nicholas Cole, president and CEO of car2go North America said the idea of using EVs in Portland would suit the town well. “We knew car2go’s collaborative model would be a natural fit for Portland.

“The people of Portland have embraced the on-demand model of carsharing, and adding electric cars to our network will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for Portland to maintain its title as one of the greenest cities in the world.”


Furthering its mission to accommodate its members, car2go is now expanding its "home" area, a place where members can start and end their rentals.

Unique characteristics of this service include:

By the minute: members are only required to pay for the time they use the car - this is calculated per minute. Also, there is no time limit put on the cars, whether the vehicle is needed for 10 minutes or an entire day.

On Demand: using the car2go smartphone app, members can use the first available car2go they find. They can also use the website as well as the customer call centre.

Free floating: additional to the unlimited time and on demand service, it’s also possible for members to pick up and drop off any car2go anywhere within the home area. They simply end the rental by swiping the card on the windshield reader, and instantly the car becomes available for the next member to use.