R650 to park at top airport

2012-07-06 11:26

Whoa! Talk about soaring costs! It's been revealed it might cost more to park a family car at a British airport than it would cost to park a private plane. 

The Daily Mail reports a survey into costs at the UK’s 10 busiest airports shows just how much airport users are being charged to keep British airports in competition with their international rivals.

According to the report, it costs the equivalent of R656 to park for 24 hours at London’s Heathrow Airport, although light aircraft are reportedly not allowed to park there.


By contrast, though, a 24-hour stay at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport costs the equivalent of R506, four times more than the cost of parking light aircraft.

Generally airports demand a flat parking rate for cars; planes are charged according to their weight.

Russell Craig of Manchester Airport told The Independent (which conducted the investigation) that while in the past airports made most of their revenue from aircraft, parked planes now “account for less than half”.

He told The Independent: “To be able to keep investing, you've got to find new revenue streams and some of that is from car parking.

“But pre-booking is the way to save money. The turn-up prices are what they are.”