Car heater 'life threatening'

2007-07-05 11:07

Nelspruit - Driving with the car's heater on during winter could kill you.

According to Limpopo roads and transport spokesperson Boiki Tsedu, 49 people were killed in 93 accidents in the province during the month of June.

"Motorists who drive between ten in the evening and seven in the morning usually have the air conditioners on to stay warm, which makes them fall asleep behind the wheel," Tsedu explained.

He said speeding was also a factor.

The highest number of accidents were reported in the Capricorn, Vhembe and Waterberg districts, which include the towns of Polokwane, Thohoyandou and Mokopane.

Tsedu said the department would recruit 200 traffic officers at the end of July to provide round-the-clock policing on the roads.

"We are going to focus on areas that have been identified as flash-points in terms of accident rates," he said.

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  • Give me a Brake - 2007-07-05 11:30

    Are we supposed to take this seriousely. It's like the cure for aids or the strategy on crime or how we are going to deliver on 2010 or eNatis. Does everyone just shoot from the hip with these absolute gems and expect that the public will swallow it.

  • leon - 2007-07-05 11:52

    And that's not even mentioning how life-threateningly dangerous your car-radio is!! Imagine Celine Dion getting on the radio by accident - instantly rendering all passengers and driver comatosed!

  • senor neek - 2007-07-05 12:11

    I think we should ban all car heaters - it's obvious that they are the cause of traffic accidents and NOT speeding, drinking, drugs, overloading, unroadworthy vehicles, false licenses, taxis, corrupt cops or moronic spokespeople...

  • Bob - 2007-07-05 12:16

    More peanuts for our spokesperson!

  • john - 2007-07-05 12:25

    Perhaps garlic will stop them from falling asleep. Geez. Can we trust anything they say ?

  • Funu - 2007-07-05 12:27

    The spokesperson should have taken a breathlyser test immediately after spitting this kind of nonsense, he must have been on some other state. Perhaps he was trying to be creative, instead of giving same monotonous explanations for accidents.

  • dj - 2007-07-05 12:29

    i guess i'm paying this genius' salary from the tax i pay. Next month he will be telling us drivers killed in crashes where not due to a lack of policing but that they froze to death

  • honour - 2007-07-05 12:30

    This is a very stupid warning for a dept transport in Limpopo to issue. Can the editor please publish something that the Nation will benefit/learn. Are these guys actually saying drivers should drive around freezing or what? Is there any conclusive evidence that pple who got accidents around that time were sleeping because of the heater. Pls editor remove this garbage and ask your journalists to learn more on news worthy articles. People in Limpopo are not so dumb.

  • PL - 2007-07-05 12:50

    Eish, Boiki! I really hope that it did not take him too long to come up with this! What a total idiot! I he keeps this up, he can be in the running for the next Minister of Health!!!

  • Koos Vonvulenhauzen - 2007-07-05 13:10

    Next they will start investing tax payers money into getting heat detectors to point out cars with heaters on. Ingorance is Bliss!

  • Lunga - 2007-07-05 13:17

    Maybe the drivers should take a J-Zee shower before driving. For pit sakes, accidents do happen in summer too. Come on!!!!

  • dumbstruct - 2007-07-05 13:40

    I agree with all the above comments. what's going to be next? I can not make b better comment than "give me a brake" above except that you forgot to mention the McBride saga. C'mon dear editor paris hilton make better reading material then this

  • Terrence Jacobs - 2007-07-05 13:50

    Man this guy is the greatest idiot around. However I have a really safe way to keep cool during winter is to take the doors off your car and remove the seat belts, this way the heater will have no effect and you will be too scared of falling out of the car to drop off to sleep. Terrence

  • AA - 2007-07-05 13:58

    Boiki Tsedu, you have a bright future with discoveries like this. NASA are looking for rocket scientists, you should'nt have any problem getting in!!

  • Jakes - 2007-07-05 14:31

    Try switching your Aircon and heater on. The aircon will keep the air from drying out, and will stop the windows from fogging up.

  • Peter - 2007-07-05 19:10

    A village somewhere has clearly lost its idiot! Of greater concern is that the vast majority of the population will simply accept such unfounded, inane, assinine statements from those in public office and nod their heads sagely whilst downing "one for the road" before heading off DUI with their heaters turned off!

  • Don - 2007-07-05 20:05

    only 2 words for this guy f@$&ing idiot

  • Ed - 2007-07-05 21:52

    I was expecting some decent explanation for this threat, like: with the heater on, the hot water from the cooling system runs closer to the cabin, therefore higher threat of burns in case of a collision. The report itself makes me want to dose off now, I cant typ any mo

  • Tyson - 2007-07-06 07:43

    Out of the 93 accidents reported, is Boiki saying that most are caused by drivers falling asleep on the road...strange how that little piece of information is left out. Oh, and by the way, "speeding was also a factor"???

  • Jaco - 2007-07-06 09:59

    What a bunch of crap. So sleeping pills is also life thretening and a million other things if not managed well. Speed on its own is also not life threatening, just when managed incorrectly, IE our ministers driving at very high speeds in 60km ph zones. If I drive with my 44 year old Land Rover at 120km ph it is on a high way normally far more life threatening as driving with a R500k new car at 200km ph on the same high way. Same with heaters, people got brains and need to use them.

  • Bart - 2007-07-06 10:35

    Wheels 24 needs a comedy corner, for stuppid shit like this. Its borderline sad, yet im laughing... Or goverment corner, we can see all the goverment comments on the very serious issue in the country, should be fun... :) next thing you know we will get fines for driving with a heater... how does this work in the rest of the world, were its cold allot more often! maybe our goverment can compare notes with western europe... hehe

  • Slammer - 2007-07-06 10:38

    Duh ....Did you ever stop to think that it could be the fatigue of staying up way past your bedtime that causes you to fall asleep?? The body can only take so much and then goes into shutdown mode !!

  • Ct - 2007-07-06 10:44

    I can't believe that no one posting has felt tired driving in a stuffy car with the heater on. I have driven through the night in winter and the only way I can stay awake other than hitting the Red Bulls is to have cold fresh air coming into the vehicle.

  • dm - 2007-07-06 17:01

    Heat makes you sleepy, especially driving past you normal bedtime. Haven't all these idiots felt a bit of tiredness in the morning after leaving the heater on throughout the night. Fresh and cold air has served me very well in keeping me awake when driving over long distances past my normal bedtime for years. Stop spreading your pseudo science.

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