Caddy lights up the show floor

2013-01-16 14:57

DETROIT, Michigan - Distinctive lights abound, but a prime example graces the front of the new Cadillac ATS, a sport sedan. The car's daytime running lights go up the top of the fender along the hood line.

They help contribute to an overall design that is angular and edgy.

Those lights are helping Cadillac set itself apart from competitors, says Consumer Reports lead car tester Jake Fisher.


Osram Automotive supplies lighting components for the ATS and other Cadillacs.

David Hulick, the company's global marketing director of solid state lighting, says the ATS benefits from hidden LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, which offer an "intense, white appearance" that can't be duplicated with traditional bulbs.

Hulick says getting more out of illumination was the impetus behind the first automotive use of LEDs in exterior lighting: a mid-1990’s Ford Thunderbird.

He said that model used "super-red LEDs with a neon look" - something that also "couldn't be achieved with traditional technology”.

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