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Bullet-proof Merc a mystery

2008-08-08 08:58

Cobus Coetzee

Johannesburg - The police are investigating why a luxury car linked to the Presidency has been locked in a garage in Sandton for months.

The black Mercedes-Benz S600 was found by Craig Bezuidenhout, caretaker of Balgowan Estate, last Saturday morning.

The elite estate is in Willowbrook Place Street, near Sandton City shopping centre and a few kilometres from Sandton police station.

"The former tenant moved out in June and locked the garage with a padlock," said Bezuidenhout.

The vehicle has bullet-proof windows, blue lights that are usually on official vehicles and two licence disks each with a different registration number - the one GP GP and the other TZF 610 GP.

Registered owner the Presidency

Beeld was told that the TZF registration number was fake and that the registered residential address of GP GP's owner was the Presidency.

The owner is Justine Chiota, according to information on the eNatis system.

Chiota is a founding member of the Zimbabwe People's Party (ZPP) - one of the minority parties excluded from President Thabo Mbeki's most-recent mediation efforts.

Neither the police nor Mbeki's office wished to comment on the vehicle.

Captain Julia Claassen said: "The events surrounding the vehicle and the reasons for it being in a garage in Sandton are still being investigated."


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