Battery Porsche heads to Durbs

2011-12-08 10:46

DURBAN, South Africa - Electronic company Siemens showcases its eChopper electric bike at the 17th Conference of the Parties (Cop17) in Durban.

The white-and-chrome bike has a 19kW electric motor anda claimed range of 120km.

According to Siemens Southern Africa's head of communications, Jose Machado, there are only two such motorcycles in the world.

The company says, "going electric doesn't mean going tame", which is why Siemans teamed with renowned motorcycle manufacturer Orange County Choppers in California to build them.

Machado said: "We did this just to raise awareness of electric mobility and to show it doesn't have to be a little box."


TWO-WHEELED GREEN MACHINE: The Siemens eChopper, in collaboration with Orange County Choppers, weighs 399kg and sports a clutchless gearbox with dual-chain drive.

Siemens industry sector communications manager Keshin Govender said the eChopper "accelerates to 160km/h in no time whatsoever".


On display close to the eChopper, Siemens is displaying its eRuf Roadster.

Essentially a Porsche 997 Carrera with a 180kW electric motor, driven by lithium-ion batteries.

Both the electric bike and roadster were previously displayed at Cop16 in Cancun and Cop15 in Copenhagen.