Baby-driving couple banned

2011-11-25 11:52

HONG KONG, China - Back in September 2011 we reported on a Chinese couple allowing their four-year old daughter to drive. The couple are still at large but another baby-driving couple have been caught by authorities.

A Hong Kong couple who filmed their 18-month-old son steering their BMW have been banned from driving.

Yu Cho-kwong and wife Ng Lai-wah were both banned from driving for six months and each ordered to 160 hours of community service by a city court.


Yu sat the boy on his lap and allowed him to steer the vehicle while wife Ng used a cellphone to film from the rear seat. The video was uploaded to YouTube in August and widely viewed. It shows Yu controlling the pedals and helping the infant steer along a stretch of road before stopping behind a minibus.

Police investigated the incident and tracked the couple down after internet viewers slammed the couple's actions as "brainless".

The magistrate told the couple, who pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving and aiding and abetting dangerous driving, that their actions endangered other road users.

Being charged with dangerous driving carries a maximum penalty of three years' imprisonment in Hong Kong.

The video of the 18-month-old driving has reportedly been removed from YouTube but you can still watch the four-year old toddler behind the wheel here!

  • goyougoodthing - 2011-11-25 19:57

    Bet the baby drove better than our taxi drivers

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