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BMW's very high maintenance M3

2010-07-14 06:45

Its matte finish may be rather fashionable, yet the Frozen Gray limited edition M3 (set to celebrate the nameplate’s 25th anniversary) is sure to turn owners into neurotic paint finish fetishists.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model Frozen Gray M3
Engine 4l V8
Power 309kW @ 8 300r/min
Torque 400Nm @ 3 900r/min
As enthusiasts celebrate the famous M3's 25th anniversary this month, some bizarre marketing around this famous nameplate is gathering momentum.

It is par for the course to see some rather illogical limited edition models to celebrate special milestones in the automotive industry.

More so when said product is something highly desirable – such as the M3.

The latest limited edition offering from BMW is its Frozen Gray M3 coupe.

Essentially a matte finish E92, only 30 of these M3s were delivered to customers in the United States.

Exclusivity is guaranteed. There is a problem though.

The Frozen Gray hue does come with its share of caveats.

Owners of the 30 Frozen Gray M3s are expected to sign a special agreement with BMW detailing they’ll never polish or wax their cars. An automatic carwash drive through is not allowed either.

All environmental surfacing issues – squashed bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and the like – are all to be immediately removed with a soft sponge. This state of affairs means whilst driving partners enjoys some replenishment at each viewpoint en route, owners will be picking off surface impurities.

Naturally BMW dealers are at hand to retail an extensive range of products tailored to maintain the matte finish of your Frozen Gray M3.

All things considered, living with a Frozen Gray M3 should be akin to engaging in concourse show preparation every day. 

The alternative is of course to simply take a stock M3 down to some vinyl experts and have it wrapped in a matte finish…


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