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BMW's new M5 slides like an E39

2011-05-10 15:01

NEW DAWN: Forgot about its suite of engineering features being the antithesis of everything the badge has always stood for – this is the future of M...

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model M5
Engine 4.4l twin-turbo V8
BMW’s fifth-generation M5 is the German brand’s most important performance car since the E92 M3 was launched back in 2007.

Keenly anticipated – and rather controversial in terms of configuration – BMW’s new signature four-door performance car has been given a slow reveal since the beginning of 2011.

First there was a video of it frolicking in the Arctic Circle, undergoing cold-weather testing, released in March.

Then we got to see the concept car (essentially the finish product) revealed at the Shanghai auto show in April.

The official public debut for BMW’s new M5 is scheduled for the Frankfurt auto show in September, but fear not, as BMW appears to have a treasure trove of teaser footage at its disposal to bait enthusiasts until the third quarter of 2011.


Powered by a forced-induction 4.4-litre V8 (ostensibly good for peak power output just shy of 430kW), the F10 M5 will shift power to its rear (or all) wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch (or six-shift manual) transmission.

Though the idea of a turbocharged (or all-wheel drive) M5 would appear to be sacrilege to traditional fans of the M-division’s most famous nameplate, BMW’s engineers have been working furiously to ensure this new M5 is dynamically true to its esteemed heritage. It remains, after all, the seminal four-door performance car badge.

BMW’s latest teaser video chronicling the development of the new M5 sees a camera crew allowed to spend the day with engineers working at the company’s Miramas testing facility, in France.

In the video you’ll see a thinly disguised group of M5s doing what the legendary BMW nameplate does best: going very quickly in a straight line and rather sideways around corners, the latter dynamic trait a veritable M5 birthright.

It may be turbocharged, and have some odd drivetrain options, but when it comes to that quintessential BMW M5 dynamic driving characteristic - effortless steer-by-throttle handling -  the new M5 appears to be the best incarnation of the world’s most famous four-door performance car badge yet...


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