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BMW's M3 GTS alternative?

2010-01-27 07:12
With deliveries of BMW’s hugely desirable M3 GTS due to start in May, the ‘Werke is due to show off its new intermediate M3 competition package at the Geneva motor show in March.

Although the E92’s legendary V8 engine remains untouched by the addition of this new competition package, there are sufficient dynamic tweaks to justify the M3 competition pack’s existence.  Something which cannot be readily said of the M3 Edition

First off, the M3’s median ride height has been lowered by 10mm. The car’s electronic damper control has been reconfigured too (improving agility) whilst the stability control system’s intervention threshold has been revised to ensure classic rear-wheel drive high jinks on demand…

Styling will see the addition of new, lighter, 19-inch alloy wheels – partly inspired by the classic E46 CSL. The competition pack should add some understated aerodynamically themed styling embellishments too.

Unfortunately, there are no images available of the new competition pack garnished E92 M3 - yet. This is primarily due to it being based on the facelifted M3 – which is being closely guarded in anticipation of its Geneva motor show unveiling during the first week of March.

For 2010 then, you can either have the criminally expensive M3 GTS, or a relatively inconsequential M3 competition pack upgrade. It does beg the question though, why not just build a new CSL to fill the gap?




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