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BMW previews Z4

2008-06-12 07:39
From the fertile mind of BMW chief designer Chris Bangle, comes the Gina Light Visionary Model, embracing a vision of future Bavarian design.

Although Bangle gained notoriety for his controversial designs, alienating BMW purists no end with his flame surfacing and generally oddly proportioned cars, the Light Visionary Model is as radical a creation as the industry has come to expect of him.

 'It moves'

Touted as a precursor to what the new Z4 – one of Bangle’s most controversial creations – could look like, the concept features body morphing technology.

BMW fans will find great solace in this. The Gina features a virtually seamless outer skin made of a textile fabric stretched across a moveable substructure.

The substructure is controlled by a electro-hydraulic mesh of wires, and subsequently the Gina’s shape can be altered. BMW doubts the panel morphing technology will enter production any time soon, especially as the Z4 is due for replacement in 2009.

BMW traditionalists’ will obviously embrace the body morphing technology with great enthusiasm when it finally does come to market, allowing them to ‘rectify’, within reason, some of Bangle’s more esoteric design idea’s within their own cars.




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