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BMW planning M3 bakkie?

2011-04-01 12:51

BRAKPAN SPECIAL: BMW's fake M3 bakkie actually looks kinda cool.

It seems BMW has taken its inspiration from the “plattelande” with its latest incarnation of its legendary M3 – a 313kW bakkie!

It’s fantastically bling, is capable of carrying a load of 20 standard golf bags and indicators are optional. Too bad it’s a fake.

Unfortunately for those Chevy Lumina drivers who nearly had heart palpitations, this BMW PR stunt is nothing more than an April Fool prank but it reached Wheels24 too late - April Fool jokes rebound at noon on April 1.

Though as garish as the bakkie looks, even with that steel-lined loadbed, we can’t help but secretly want one. We’re pretty sure there would be long list of customers from the Three B's Triangle (Brakpan, Benoni and Boksburg) eager to get behind the wheel of this Beemer bakkie.

Check out our gallery on BMW's faux M3 bakkie!


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