Crashed car to call for help

2012-10-23 13:22

The quick relay of information after a collision can be the difference between life and death in certain situations, but if you’re in a BMW fitted with ConnectedDrive that’s one call you won’t need to make.

If a BMW fitted with ConnectedDrive is involved in a crash, the automatic emergency call will quickly summon help to the scene.


The system works via crash sensors and a phone unit enabled with BMW eCall to automatically send an emergency call and set up a voice link with a BMW Assist call centre. The accident details will then be extracted – where is the vehicle, how serious was the accident and how many people are involved – and passed on to emergency services.

If you witness an accident, the BMW eCall can also be triggered manually.

In future, the accident data will be used to advise approaching traffic to slow down safely and reduce the risk of follow-on accidents.