BMW to TAG pedestrians?

2012-10-23 13:22

BMW in collaboration with co-operative transponder technologies (Ko-TAG) is embarking on a new project aimed at providing pedestrian detection for drivers.

The project sees the introduction of transponder systems for a precise object localisation and classification. The future aim of this technology is to provide protection for vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists).


The previous project, based on a similar premise, was called AMULETT (Active mobile accident avoidance and minimisation of accident consequences through cooperative capture and tracking technology).

The AMULETT project saw BMW employees develop a prototype pedestrian protection system where vehicle received information from a radio transponder carried by a pedestrian or cyclist.

The driver is able to assess the situation and react at an early stage.

100m RANGE

The transponder answers a query pulse from the vehicle by sending an identification message. This response is evaluated by the vehicle to yield the gap and angle to the transponder. The identity of the road user will be also be sent to the driver.

The location system operates over 100m in the open country, while operating at a radius of at least 20m built-up areas.

Andreas Rauch, project manager of Ko-TAG, explained: “Even without direct visual contact, this means that the driver receives information at an early stage, for example that a pedestrian is standing close to the road behind a vehicle being parked and they are moving quickly towards the road.”