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Journo's 4l/100km in BMW 3 Series

2010-05-26 08:46
Motoring scribe and former circus performer Tom Ford has managed to drive 1 630km on a single tank of diesel. Ford's goal was to drive from the UK to Munich and back on a single tank of fuel via the Chunnel.

Piloting BMW’s latest Efficient Dynamics equipped 320d, Ford managed to average 4l/100km for the journey.

Known for his off-beat antics (chainsaw duelling whilst at University), FifthGear presenter Ford did not nurse the 320d in time-honoured economy run fashion. His average pace was 96km/h.

Despite the mercurial economy achieved Ford eventually ran out of fuel 120km short of Calais, France, on the return journey – after filling up (61l) just before entering the Chunnel on the UK side when setting off.

The 320d used by Ford was powered by a 2l four-cylinder turbodiesel engine producing 122kW and 360Nm, which is 8kW less powerful than a standard 320d yet boasts an additional 10Nm. Ensuring optimal efficiency on the 320d was an auto start-stop function, brake energy regeneration, a longer transmission ratio, lowered suspension and Michelin EnergySaver tyres.

Ford’s best consumption on his marathon drive was 3.72l/100km just outside Munich.

"Think about it in the context of everyday motoring: comfortably more than 1 600km s on one tank of diesel means just 12 fills a year for the average motorist - and even driven normally I still think you're looking at 1 207- to 1 287km per fill. BMW's EfficientDynamics: it does what it says on the tin," Ford said.

South African buyers, due to local fuel quality issues, are unfortunately not in a position to reap the full benefit of BMW's Efficient Dynamics system.


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