DriveNow&Co smoothe city streets

2012-10-23 13:22

Travelling into a busy city is no fun. Will you get there on time and, once there, where to find parking? BMW will (soon) have you covered.

The BMW Group’s Mobility Assistant, an individual, intermodal navigation service, is currently being tested in Berlin, Germany, as an iPhone application.


The Assistant is simple to use. Enter a destination and the mobility assistant will show various routes – whether you’re travelling by car or public transport, or a combination of both.

Martin Hauschild, head of Traffic Technology and Traffic Management at the BMW Group, said: “The objective [of the Mobility Assistant] is to ensure mobility over a range of different modes of transport. This is empowering the BMW Group to support mobility sustainably and tailored to individual needs.”
The concept of intermodal routing is further enhanced by the DriveNow package available in Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin and San Francisco. This car-sharing service for BMW and MINI requires simple registration and, if you need a car, the DriveNow app displays the nearest vehicle in the vicinity.


After you have finished your journey, you simply park the vehicle at your destination and another driver will be able to use it from that location.

Furthermore, drivers of BMW cars equipped with ConnectedDrive featuring RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) are able to access the latest information about traffic conditions.

The service is updated every three minutes and shows the current rates of traffic flow on the roads in five stages ranging from gridlocked to flowing normally.