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Award-winning VW TSI engine for SA

2008-02-25 13:39
A 15-nation jury in Istanbul has awarded its top prize to TSI engines - soon to be introduced in the all new Tiguan SUV range in South Africa.

At a recent ceremony in Istanbul, Volkswagen received the renowned "TechnoBest" technology prize for its TSI engines.

The prize is awarded by a motoring jury from the automobile markets of Eastern and Central Europe, where fuel is expensive and topography demanding on engines. The jury said the Volkswagen TSI demonstrated genuine advancement in the field of petrol-engine technology.

TSI engines combine a super- and turbocharger to offer output of between 103 kW and 125 kW, from a miniscule 1.4-litre capacity. These twinchargers are already featured in the Volkswagen Golf, Golf Plus, Golf Variant, Jetta, Touran and Tiguan series.

The benefit of TSI is an ability to generate high power outputs from a relatively small swept cubic capacity, thereby heralding low fuel consumption whilst providing sparkling performance. The supercharger/turbocharger synergy ensures a general absence of lagging boost, the bane of small capacity forced induction engines.

TSI engines have achieved widespread acclaim since their introduction, winning the "Engine of the Year Award" in 2006 and 2007.

This latest prize, the "TechnoBest" prize for technology is awarded by "AutoBest", an independent motoring jury from the emerging markets of Europe as represented by leading journalists from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Russia and Greece.

  • TSI technology will be available in South Africa in the Tiguan SUV range due for introduction in May 2008.

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