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Auto crystal ball: New BMW Z5, 7 Series

2015-02-23 07:23


NEXT BMW ROADSTER: The concept version of the BMW Z5 will be unveiled in 2016 with the production versions to follow possibly as a 2018 model. Image: Automedia

CAPE TOWN - Next-generation BMW flagship, a BMW/Toyota sportscar, Passat coupe... Automedia released several images of upcoming models, some of which have already been spotted in prototype guise.

One of the most interesting models to debut in the near future will be the new Z5 roadster, the result of BMW’s collaboration with Toyota to create a new generation of sports cars.

BMW's Z5 will also form the basis of Toyota's second-generation 86.


Other models set to make their debut in the new future include a new Renault Laguna, which will also form the basis of new Mitsubishi sedan, and the coupe version of Volkswagen’s Passat – the CC.

Scroll below for images and gallery of all the upcoming models.

2016 BMW Z5 concept

In 2014, the rumour mill churned out that two new Z models will join BMW’s line-up in the future. The BMW Z5 and Z7 are said to be on the drawing board at the BMW design studio, and could arrive by 2017.

IMAGE GALLERY: New models - BMW Z5, 7 Series, next Passat CC

The Z5 is the first fruit of BMW’s collaboration with Toyota, which will also produce the next iteration of the Toyota 86.

The concept version of the BMW Z5 will be unveiled in 2016 with the production versions to follow possibly as a 2018 mode.

The BMW Z5 will feature a more radical front-mid engine configuration. Lightweight materials will be used throughout to achieve a target weight of 1496kg. Under the hood, it will feature a four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbocharged engine in 141kW, 182kW and 200kW variants.

The engine can be matted to a ZF eight-speed auto or six-speed manual. BMW will aso create a performance version called the Z5M and it could feature the 317kW turbo six from the 2015 BMW M3 and M4.

2015 BMW 7 Series

The exterior of the sixth-generation BMW 7 Series will be redesigned courtesy of the new platform underpinning the automaker’s next flagship.
BMW is revolutionising the way it builds its cars in an effort to converge with increasing environmental consciousness, as well as ever-tightening emissions regulations. This means lighter construction, more fuel-efficient engines and some never-before-seen Efficient-Dynamics technologies such as thermoelectric devices for its future cars.

Using construction techniques learned from developing the new i3 and i8, the structure of the 2016 BMW 7 Series is likely to incorporate a mix of materials, with carbon-fibred elements, aluminium and steel. Expect to see lightweight carbon-fibred panels on the roof, bonnet and boot.

Engine options will likely include six-, eight- and twelve-cylinder options, all with direct-injection and turbocharging. Though there have been reports that a V12 may not be included this time around, this is unlikely given the popularity of past V12 models and the fuel-saving improvements coming in the future.

The 2016 BMW 7 Series will also see the introduction of a plug-in hybrid model, possibly developed with technology borrowed from Toyota. For performance fans, expect a new M Performance model fitted with a twin-turbocharged V8. It appears the M Division isn’t interested in using a full-size sedan for one of its dedicated M cars – and rightly so.

As for technology, expect a myriad of traffic warning systems and convenience features such as self-parking and even some autonomous driving capability. BMW will work with Continental to further develop its autonomous car technology, which should debut on its 2016 7 Series.

The new BMW 7 Series is expected to make its debut towards the end of 2015.

2016 Renault Laguna

A fourth-generation Renault Laguna will be launched in 2016. Renault design chief, Laurens van den Acker, confirmed the news at the 2014 Paris auto show, defending the notion that sedans are becoming “less meaningful in the automotive space” which is currently dominated by four-door "coupes" and SUVs.

The new model is also expected to spawn a new sedan from Mitsubishi as part of a wide-reaching alliance with Renault-Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Van den Acker said the new model is an important one for the automaker despite dipping medium-sized sedan sales.

He said: “Even though in Europe it’s a segment that is under pressure, nonetheless, it holds its own. It declines, but very slowly. In my view it’s an important segment to be in, for your image as a car company.

“It’s a very important segment for Asia. Go to Korea or China, or any Asian country, and the D sedan is the ultimate. It’s a very important segment for the US. There are big markets where it’s still very important. This is why it’s important for us to expand into Asia more aggressively and into China starting in 2016 because without those markets we couldn’t afford to do these cars. In Europe the competition is tough, especially because it’s a very brand-conscious market.

“I think the next D sedan, I’m very proud of. I’m pleased to make a car that you can park next to a BMW or Mercedes and get away with it, and it has a Renault badge.”

2015 Volkswagen Passat CC

The development of a second-generation Volkswagen Passat is imminent, considering the fact that the standard version was unveiled and launched in 2014. Automedia’s rendering of the Passat CC shows the new front and lowered roofline.

IMAGE GALLERY: New models - BMW Z5, 7 Series, next Passat CC

The upcoming Passat CC is believed to ride on the same MQB platform as the standard version. The looks of the model will be influenced by those of the new Passat but expect some minor modifications too, besides the lowered roofline. The cabin will be slightly different and in terms of engine line-up, the four-door coupe is expected to receive the same units as the sedan.

2015 VW Touran

Like all models derived from the seventh-generation Golf, the new VW Touran will be based on automaker’s modular MQB platform. Previous generations of the Touran were placed on a stretched Golf Mk5 platform.

The new Touran has redesigned head and tail lights, bumper, bonnet and rear. The new MPV will receive the latest in VW’s technology including its Easy Fold System for all seats. For the first time, the Touran will be equipped with Blue Motion, Volkswagen’s low-fuel consumption program.

It is not yet known which engines will power the 2015 Touran. The expansion into markets outside Europe demands a wider range. For now it is certain that the new VW Touran will be available with a 1.2-litre TSI petrol engine and a 2.0-litre TDI.

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