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Auf Wiedersehen ML63 AMG

2011-01-04 12:59

RUMBLING OFF: The world’s favourite hooligan SUV is being retired, taking its place in history as the most powerful naturally aspirated SUV ever.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model ML63 AMG
Engine 6.2l V8
Power 375kW
Torque 630Nm
Transmission Seven-speed auto
Zero To Hundred Five seconds
The original swift SUV is no more – at least for a while.

Mercedes-Benz is winding down production of its current ML63 AMG, the most powerful naturally aspirated SUV in history, less than a year after its facelift.

In preparation of its new third-generation ML, due in 2012, Mercedes-Benz is phasing out ML63 AMG production.

SLS engine priorities

Beyond the anticipation of a new ML model, procuring engines for the ML63 has been the fundamental issue exacerbating its demise.

Affalterbach's tooling and production facilities for Mercedes-Benz’s M156 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine are being re-rolled in favour of the new twin-turbo 5.5-litre M157 V8 engine (set to power all future AMGs).

To keep up a steady supply of the dwindling number of 6.2-litre V8s could never meet demand if both ML63 and the new SLS AMG were retailed in parallel. This is especially the case as equipping the bulging SLS AMG order book is considerably more of a priority than churning out the only all-wheel drive AMG, the ML63.

Although the next-generation AMG-powered ML will not continue its billing as the most powerful naturally aspirated SUV around, it should still prove plenty quick.

With the new AMG designed M157 5.5-litre bi-turbo V8 producing between 400- and 420kW, the third-generation AMG ML may prove - in fact - to be quite a bit quicker than the car it replaces…


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