Audi SA readies hot tech features

2012-01-29 10:04

Geeks rejoice! Audi SA has confirmed its cutting-edge Audi Connect infotainment system will be rolled out in South Africa later in 2012.

The technology will initially be available on the automaker’s A6 and A7 Sportback models although local “testing is currently under way to assess the performance and feasibility across the range”.

Audi Connect significantly bumps up the options package with features such as access to Google Earth navigation, in-car WiFi for surfing the web and checking mails, and Audi Music Interface iPod connection.

In the A7 Sportback, a heads-up display projecting navigation and entertainment information onto the windscreen, also forms part of the package.


Passengers can simultaneously connect as many as eight devices, regardless of their operating systems, via the car’s password-protected hotspot.

The MMI navigation plus system comprises two modules – a radio (or audio) unit and a main unit incorporating a DVD drive, two SD card readers and a 60Gb hard drive. A third of the hard drive’s capacity is reserved for phone and music data, the rest for navigation purposes.

Audi's Music Interface integrates mobile players or iPhones into the onboard system and tracks can be selected via the control knob or MMI Touch pad, which allows occupants to enter a destination or phone number by drawing letters or numbers on the touch-sensitive screen.

A predictive text function speeds up the input although, as an alternative, voice control is also available.

  • kevin.grinaker - 2012-01-30 12:22

    I wonder if the writer of this article would have used the word "geek" if it was a BMW or a Mercedes Benz fitted with this technology, good or not?

      Peter - 2012-01-31 07:29

      Merc and BMW already have them - so just wondering how this is newsworthy. In any event, all the systems are the same and developed by the same set of companies. The auto manufacturers merely buy the technology and fit it to their cars.

  • ayo.mkize - 2012-01-30 13:13

    Well Lexus has been doing it for while in Japan and the States i wonder if thier planning to bring this technology local as well?

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