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Audi RS6 melts ice speed record

2011-03-09 08:11

FLYING FINNS: Running trick aerodynamic aids (sealed seams and grille, solid cover wheels) this rather timid looking Audi RS6 now holds the world ice speed record.

Bentley, at the 2011 Geneva auto show, was particularly boastful of its new limited-edition Continental Supersports Convertible’s world speed record - set during the middle of Europe's particularly severe 2010/11 winter.

The most powerful road-going Bentley yet averaged a phenomenal 330km/h on a frozen stretch of the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland.

The car was driven by four-times World Rally champion Juha Kankkunen and Bentley was so taken by its world record that it decided to release a commemorative 100-unit production of Ice Speed Record Continental Supersports Convertibles.

If you were one of those who'd already paid the hefty deposit for your 471kW piece of Bentley’s record-breaking history, well, don’t read any further…

It would appear Bentley’s reign as the world ice-speed record master has been melted – by Audi.

Winter-tyre specialist Nokian keenly followed the Bentley ice record team’s progress and then decided it could better Bentley's performance with the combination of an Audi RS6, its Hakkapeliitta-7 255/35 20"studded tyres and (unsurprisingly) Finnish test driver Janne Laitinen.

Although Nokian is coy about the exact engine tuning modifications made to its record-breaking RS6, Laitinen still managed to power to 331.6km/h to beat Bentley’s run of 330km/h.

We're sure the engineers at Crewe at thrilled. Ice Speed Record Continental Supersports Convertible customers even more so…

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