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Aston's new V8 GT4 racer

2008-11-17 08:07
Aston Martin’s N24 was striking, but the latest Va

Aston Martin’s N24 was striking, but the latest Vantage based racer – the GT4 – is even more alluring, featuring 4.7l V8 power.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Aston Martin
Model GT4
Engine 4.7L V8
Power 338kW (approx)
Gentleman racers can rejoice, as Aston Martin has released a successor to the Vantage N24.

The Aston Martin road car based racers are arguably the most gorgeous cars lapping circuits currently. With the Vantage range recently upgraded in engine specification from 4.3- to 4.7l, homologating a similar upgrade for track work was simple.

Dubbed the GT4 for 2009, the 4.7l V8 powered track car conforms to a range to racing regulations, enabling participation in all FIA sanctioned GT4 formula events. These include the British GT4 and endurance championship, Dutch supercar challenge and VLN endurance championship at the Nurburgring.

Differentiating features found on the GT4 race car include an obligatory steel rollcage, Recaro competition seats and the absence of interior trim; reducing weight by 300kg.

Standard road going Vantage dynamics were are considered up to the task of track-work, and the GT4 only sees minor adjustments to the suspension, with larger diameter anti-roll bars both front and rear augmented by a modified front subframe, ushering in extra camber and castor.

Ensuring the newfangled V8 power is transferred to track in a controlled manner the GT4 rolls on a set of Yokohama A048-R tyres, and employs Pagid RS 29 racing brake pads.

Though Aston Martin is mum concerning the exact power output of the GT4 engine, they admit to its brandishing the usual track friendly free-flow exhaust and high-flow engine filtering systems. Featuring the road going Vantage’s dry-sump lubrication system, oil surge is not an issue; even racing on extremely undulating classic European circuits.

Considering the previous N24 carried an 8% power premium over its road-going Vantage cousin, the latest 4.7l V8 GT should be good for about 338kW.

The Vantage GT4 comes with either a manual or sportshift transmission.  It is priced from £96,645 and is available to order now with delivery in January 2009.



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