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Aston's Lagonda SUV shelved?

2009-07-21 07:33
Aston Martin has put its Lagonda crossover on hold for now. Thanks goodness for small mercies.

When the famous Lagonda moniker was revived earlier this year, in horrific SUV/crossover form during the Geneva motor show, most pundits were aghast – especially as the Lagonda shared display space with the stunning One-77.

Not only were industry and media specialists deeply disturbed by the ghastly proportions and appalling detailing, Aston chairman David Richards allegedly ordered the removal of the Lagonda from Aston’s display area before the Geneva public days.

At the time it was coyly said the Lagonda concept was needed elsewhere as part of its pressing development schedule…Indeed.

No matter how euphemistically Aston boss Ulrich Bez phrased it at the time "as the luxury car of future," reflecting on the Lagonda concept being "a combination of total usability," it remained an affront to Aston purists.

Aesthetically ill-conceived, all-wheel drive and turbodiesel powered, the Lagonda concept was everything an Aston Martin should never be…

Fortunately, global credit markets are so riddled with fear Aston has been unable to access the funds for further development of the Lagonda concept – the company needs around £250 million to bring the car to homologation specification.

So it won’t be happening soon.

"Our intention with Lagonda," says Aston boss, Ulrich Bez, "is to produce as much volume as we see today from Aston Martin. So essentially, doubling our volumes once up and running."

Although the Bez seems keen, we hope the Lagonda project will be indefinitely shelved.

Aston chairman Dave Richards though is a man renowned for getting his way. Allegedly he expects a heavily revised Lagonda concept to go on display at a major auto show before the end of the year.

Expect Aston engineers and designers to be clocking in copious amounts of overtime between now and the Frankfurt motor show in September...


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