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Aston Martin refreshes its DB9

2010-06-29 08:23

Aston Martin’s most successful car ever has been slightly revised. Remains utterly desirable. Adaptive dampers should add dynamic fluidity.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Aston Martin
Model DB9
Engine 6l V12
Power 350kW @ 6 000r/min
Torque 600Nm @ 5 000r/min
Transmission Six-speed
Aston Martin’s DB9 is very much the middle-child of the fabled Warwickshire manufacturer’s product offering.

With the smaller Vantage now boasting a V12 engine and the DBS benefitting from its James Bond association, the DB9 is very much the forgotten car amongst Aston Martin’s record five-car current product line-up.

To shore up the DB9’s appeal Aston Martin has given the car a subtle facelift and engineering upgrade.

The DB9’s arresting shape and surfacing are left generally untouched.

Notable enhancements tally a new bumper, more reflective grille finish and reshaped lower air intake (trimmed with hexagonal mesh).

Closer inspection renders redesigned headlight surrounds, sills and gorgeous diamond-turned alloy wheels hiding silver brake calipers.

Beyond the exterior detailing changes the new DB9 benefits from the presence of a tyre pressure monitoring system, acoustically refined Bluetooth microphone operation and new double apex alloy surfacing added to the cabin’s trim insets.

Dynamically the facelift ushers in an era of greater agility and comfort for DB9 owners.

The car's passive dampers have been replaced by an active arrangement at each wheel corner, guaranteeing perpetual wheel oscillation management. These new dampers should ensure a reduction in body roll and an increase in ride comfort.

The DB9 power source remains a 350kW 6l V12 (coincidently 30kW weaker than the Vantage’s) driving the rear wheels via a choice of either Touchtronic or H-pattern six-speed transmissions.

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