App takes Mini fun to new levels

2011-12-14 09:58

The latest version of the Driving Excitement app from Mini Connected allows Apple iPhone users more cool ways to experience their Minis. 

Using functions such as Condition Check, Force Meter and Digital Sports Instruments, the driver is able to track information on the status of the car including its acceleration, engine output, coolant temperature (possibly to make up for the lack of a heat gauge…) and other cool snippets via the car’s colour display.


Condition Check monitors engine temperature, the status of the Sport button (should you have that option), outside temperature and warns of rain.

Meanwhile, the Force Meter measures longitudinal and lateral acceleration when speeding along and braking, or through corners and, via the on-board monitor, uses a virtual car to demonstrate the forces acting on the car at any moment and segments to show the driver’s responses.

Mini Connected app

CONNECTED DRIVERS: The Mini Connected option in the standard Mini menu.

The Digital Sports Instruments turn the on-board monitor into an extension of the standard instrument dials to present vehicle data graphics. A coolant temperature gauge and instantaneous engine output figures are shown – although the latter would probably be most popular among JCW owners intent on proving their little pocket rockets are really good for 155kW…

For safety’s sake, however, the app also includes a tutorial detailing the fundamentals of “skilled, sporty and safe driving”.

Functions are operated using the Mini’s iDrive-like joystick, satellite steering controls and the monitor.

The existing range of Mini Connected functions, which include a web radio function, in-car use of Facebook and Twitter, reception of RSS news feeds, use of Google services, the Mission Control and Dynamic Music functions, and the MINIMALISM Analyser are available as usual.

The Mini Connected app can also be used in Minis equipped with Visual Boost, navigation system and Mini Connected options.