Another bus driver in spotlight

2012-07-26 12:07

Another situation involving a bus being driven badly has surfaced; a photograph of the incident has stirred the public as well as officials.

This is following a recent report on Wheels24 about a reckless bus driver after one of our readers submitted a video displaying the irresponsible driver overtaking on a solid line and going over the speed limit.

In the latest case, a Translux bus was photographed on July 25 while illegally overtaking across a solid line. The incident, captured by a member of the public, occurred about 50km before Touws Rivier on the N1.


According to the Western Cape's Ministry of Transport and Public Works, the matter is being investigated.

Robin Carlisle, Western Cape MEC for Transport and Public Works, said: “I have reported the matter to Translux CEO, Mr Lucky Montana, and have been informed that the driver in question has been removed from the road and is not allowed back behind the wheel of a Translux bus until an internal investigation has been completed by the bus company.”
“We are very grateful to the member of the public for supplying us with this information and encourage other members to be as pro-active about their safety, and that of others on our roads,” said Carlisle.