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Alfa's awesome Mini rival

2008-03-17 07:42
Alfa has gone back to basics with its new Mi.To sports hatch, which combines legendary Italian styling with current engineering prowess.

The first new car to be built since the 8C Competizione, Mi.To is clearly influenced by the sports car, as is seen by the frontal treatment, the shape of the frameless side windows and the arrangement of the tail light cluster.

Its interior is said to contain top quality finishes showing the best of Italian craftsmanship, too.

Dynamically, Alfa Romeo expects the compact Mi.To, which is just over four metres long, to be a step ahead of its competitors by using the Alfa DNA system.

This acts on the engine, braking, steering, suspension and gearbox to allow three different driving modes - Dynamic, Normal and All-Weather - suited to different driving styles.

Turbo power

Mi.To is powered by a range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines with outputs ranging from 67 kW to 116 kW.

However, more powerful engines are expected to come on line later in the car's model life.

Alfa claims performance and handling are some of its new baby's key characteristics, helped in part by contractive suspensions that reduce body roll, standard VDC and a structural design said to already fulfil the Euro NCAP's top safety requirements.

Mi.To (combines Milan and Turin that are both important cities for the brand) will be introduced to the international media during June and is expected to hit South Africa from the first half of 2009.


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