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332kW 1 Series M Coupe?

2010-11-24 10:48

SNEAK PEEK: BMW’s keenly awaited new M-car could produce 332kW

The guys at 1addicts.com came across technical specs for BMW’s 1 Series M Coupe, code named “Pyrat” by the German carmaker.

The technical readout shows that the new 1M could have a 250kW N54 engine for release in Europe. It also shows BMW may be producing a monster US-only version capable of 332kW!


This looks more likely to be the engine for the next M3 as it’s unlikely BMW will produce a 1M with that kind of power.

Though seeing it on a tech readout under the name of 1 Series M Coupe is remarkable.

TECH READOUT: The technical specs shows the new 1 Series M Coupe, codenamed "Pyrat", available in 220kW or 332kW guises.

Possible technical glitch? Maybe. 1 Series enthusiast fantasy? Definitely! 

It’s interesting to note that each model is listed as having the same engine code (N54B3OTO), which would mean that with some tweaking the new engine is capable of an extra 82kW.

Under the same engine listing, we’ve found that BMW will have a 135iS model capable of producing 225kW.

BMW is expected to (finally) debut its 1 Series M-car at the january 2011 Detroit auto show. It may be the first 1 Series M-car but you know it would be rather inappropriate to call it M1 - considering the BMW family tree.

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