Geely sets R99 990 challenge

2013-02-12 09:58

In the 1990s automakers set a challenge in the South African car market which irrevocably changed budget vehicles to date– a budget car for R9999.

In February 2013, Geely South Africa has cheekily set an informal challenge to its competitors – It's R99 990 MK sedan.


Back in the early 90s the challenge was taken up by various manufacturers who took their entry level cars, stripped them down, and relaunched them as new models.

Geely claims it mid-size 1.5 MK sedan is a budget car that has not been "stripped down".

Henri Meistre, managing director of Geely SA, said: “It's an informal, lighthearted challenge from us to other manufacturers to offer the same great value for money vehicles we do – in terms of specification, size and price.”

The automaker will not be ordering more of its popular MK series before the end of 2013 and will be running out the current model.

Meistre said: “We're expecting the MK’s hatchback replacement late in 2013. The new model replacing it will be a ‘global’ car, designed by Italy’s Giugiaro. It promises higher quality and equipment levels, putting it into a more upmarket segment.”

The MK 1.5 sedan has ABS, EBD, two airbags, aircon, power windows, CD/radio, rear park assist and alloy rims.

  • ThandoGqabaza - 2013-02-12 12:10

    Don't support the Communist Chinese. Rather buy a second hand car for 99k

  • raath - 2013-02-12 13:57

    I would gladly pay more for something which looks like it was designed in this century... Damn, this thing is ugly!

  • arpegiator - 2013-02-12 14:29

    I wont consider the Geely, a good 2nd hand car will be your best bet. Friends of mine had one and had endless issues with the car, they had to sell it as they could not afford to keep the car, it was in the workshop more than on the road.

  • rorytaylor.futter - 2013-02-13 09:59

    I too was once an ignorant git who jibed about Chinese products, same as those dinosaurs who vowed never to buy Korean. I panicked when a close family member settled for a brand new LS Cross Geely - tried my best to discredit it initially, I mean its fine for others to buy, but MY FAMILY? My lack of understanding towards the product soon became apparent when I realised that this Volvo-owning cash flush company offered a mini car with a 5 star crash test rating, a bigger-than-it-is solid driver feeling, none of the Japanese, German and Italian squeaks and rattles that are overlooked by loyal owners (such as myself), and a wondrous installment of standard luxury and saftey features. It's apparent on inspection that the vehicle has adopted some of the genes from a leading brand everyone reveres in a country dominated by the likes of alles loop reg altyd reg auto owners, yet easily improving on some of their sought-after attributes only available at ridiculous prices. Written in a language that many argumentative and egotistical readers may understand, I say "manne, you can be needing to realise that hierdie carre is here to stay and can only be getting betterer and betterer, wever you laaik it or not". Welcome to the soon to be (if not already severely prevalent to those in the economic know) Chinese dominated globe. By the way, the Cape Town Southern Suburbs Geely dealer deserves recognition thus far for offering brilliant after-sales service. Go ahead, attack.

  • Arthur Smith - 2013-03-06 07:59

    Hi Guys I own a Geely Mk, I have had no issues with the product. It offers many great stuff. Small things that's not mentioned is heated side mirrors, adjustable headlight, removable storage boxes in the back. Full size mag spare, all windows have one touch down, a very impressive sound system, loads and loads of space. With the seats folded down I can load more in the back of the Geely then I could load on the back of my ford Currier double cab (Without Canopy). it also has a one brilliant function where the headlights lights up the side walk while driving at night, which help point out possible dangers next to the road. Oh btw did I mention that I tow a camping trailer on a monthly basis with it? Last camping trip was 107 K's away. 214km on a 1/4 tank of petrol while towing a 800kg trailer with a massive tent (wind Drag) attached to the top... in my books that's not bad going. Its not pretty... but it works.

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