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WATCH | Whhrr, wheee, shhhh - How will an electric car sound in traffic?

2020-07-19 09:00
bmw ix3

BMW iX3 (BMW Press)

• Electric vehicles are very quiet machines.

• The quietness can ease the stress of sitting in traffic.

• Electric vehicles are fitted with artificial sound boosters.

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One of these days you won't be able to hear the rumble emanating from normal engines, because electric vehicles are taking over. While they fill the streets in Europe, locally there is still plenty of work to be done before EVs can call South African roads a home.

Sitting in traffic can be the scourge of many motorists with constant bumper-to-bumper, but with electric cars, the sound of nothing makes the stress levels go down a bit.

The sound of nothing is music to the ears of some but in the case of automotion, it could potentially pose a problem in the sense of not knowing exactly where another motorist, driving an electric-powered car, will be.

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Manufacturers have flirted with the idea of fitting artificial sound speaker systems to make it sound like a normal combustion engine. Whatever the sound, or lack thereof, it will still be some time before electric vehicles totally dominate the local automotive market.

Compiled by: Robin Classen


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