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WATCH | Top Gear's Chris Harris lauded for honest review of the electric Porsche Taycan

2020-02-12 10:00

Sean Parker


Image: Youtube

"Couldn't agree with more with you, Chris. You have my highest respect," that's what many fans of the BBC motoring show Top Gear said about presenter Chris Harris' review of Porsche's first electric vehicle, the Taycan. 

Harris was chatting to Jack Rix about the four-door sedan and said it's a car that excites one about the future of motoring "because it shows when a company like Porsche gets hold of this technology, they can give you something you want to drive.

"It can ride and handle properly, it's hugely impressive," said Harris. However he said the Turbo S model is too fast for public UK roads, that particular model has 560kW and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 2.6 seconds. 

How clean is electric energy?

Harris then questioned how clean electric energy is, and complained that legislation and politicians were tricking consumers into thinking electric vehicles produced zero emissions. 

"Where's all the lithium coming from, where's all the heavy metals...," Harris sighed. Presenter Rix chimed in and said: "I'm going to need to stop you there because we're getting very close to becoming informative." 

Viewers of the Youtube video used the comments section to show their satisfaction at how honest Harris is when reviewing cars and lauded him for saying electric cars are only for the rich. 

Watch the review below, and check out the Taycan lap on Top Gear's track below it. 


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