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WATCH | Tesla builds respiratory ventilator to fight Covid-19 using its new vehicle technologies

2020-04-07 09:47

Charlen Raymond


Image: David Butow / Corbis via Getty Images

Tesla is the latest automaker to have shown its ventilator to help fight the dreaded coronavirus.

Though still in its prototype phase, the ventilator has been designed with the purpose of assisting patients who struggle to breath. This is an important focus of Tesla's support, seeing that the virus tackles your respiratory system.

Available in volume

In Tesla's case, the automaker used many of its new vehicle technologies to produce the prototype ventilator, but it is not yet sure when the first production model will roll out.

Earlier in April, Ford announced that it will build 50 000 ventilators over the next 100 days, and 30 000 every month thereafter. By the time winter arrives (summer in the USA), General Motors is hoping to have built 10 000 respiratory ventilators. 

Tesla engineering director, Joseph Mardall, said: "We want to use parts we know really well, we know the reliability of and we can go really fast and they're available in volume."

A global leader

The Tesla motor company was founded by South African, Elon Musk. Since coming to market, Musk and his team have been producing electric vehicles that’s pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

Their range of vehicles consist of SUVs and family sedans, with Musk’s latest project being an electric bakkie. Though ugly and reminiscent of your pre-school drawings, Musk managed to sign hundreds of thousands pre-orders.

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Musk's cars are particularly popular in Europe and certain parts of America, but market conditions prevented him from launching vehicles in his country of birth. The Tesla Model 3, the car's parts used for the ventilators, would have made its South African debut, but those plans were nixed despite South Africans showing huge interest and pre-ordering the car.

It remains to be seen whether or not Musk will debut his range of electric cars in South Africa.

tesla,factory,model 3
Tesla Model 3 on the production line. Image: Mason Trinca for The Washington Post via Getty Images


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