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WATCH: No time to change between gym and car? Ford’s ‘Robutt’ tester ensures seats don’t suffer after sweaty workouts

2019-01-09 14:59
Ford robutt seat tech

Image: Ford

Joining a gym, taking an exercise class or breaking out the running kit are high on many people’s list of New Year’s resolutions.

But not everyone will want to – or be able to – have a shower before jumping in their car to go home afterwards.

Ford is making sure that all this good work isn’t bad news for your car seat with the help of a robotic bottom simulator called “Robutt”.

Dripping with sweat? No problem

First used to ensure that the materials used in Ford’s car seats could withstand a decade’s regular dry wear and tear, engineers have now developed "Robutt" to simulate what happens when we get in our cars when we are a bit on the sweaty side.

Florian Rohwer, development engineer, Body and Chassis Labs, Ford of Europe, said: "Cars are a part of our everyday lives, and at this time of year in particular, so is exercise. The ‘Robutt’ is a great way to check our seats will look good for years to come." 

Ford robutt seat tech

Soaking wet

For the sweat test, Robutt simulates a decade’s worth of car use in just three days as it sits, bounces and twists in the seat 7,500 times. Based on the dimensions of a large man, the robotic bottom is heated to 36° C, and soaked with 450 millilitres of water.

Introduced in 2018 for Fiesta, the “obutt seat test is now being rolled out for all Ford vehicles in Europe.

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