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WATCH: Is an electric car right for you?

2018-10-05 13:07

Robin Classen

Audi e-tron charging

Image: Press Association

Electric mobility is becoming the norm with a host of automakers leaping on the EV bandwagon.

As a consumer, is an electric car right vehicle for you?

While reliability, operational costs and emissions are reduced, other factors will become top of the mind - charging stations, charging time etc.

EV's are not for everyone

If long-distance commuting is a big part of your lifestyle then an EV is not recommended. This would require you to charge often due to the relatively short range of most electric cars. 

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The use of charging points can also pose a problem if there is a large influx of people buying electric cars. Locally, infrastructure for electric cars is limited with a select few charging points available around the country.


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