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WATCH: Is a congestion charge the solution to city traffic jams?

2019-05-07 11:54

Sean Parker

Image: AFP / Drew Angerer

We all hate traffic right? And in South Africa it has gotten progressively worse. 

In 2018, Cape Town motorists lost more time (162 hours) in traffic, more than any other city in South Africa, according to the  INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard. That's almost 7 days spent in traffic. 

According to Business Insider, despite Cape Town drivers losing more hours to traffic, Johannesburg experienced worse rush hour congestion in the City of Gold the data from the  INRIX report showed. 

Congestion is simply defined as when there is an over supply of vehicles to the amount of road space available. And it's a worldwide phenomenon. 

Do you think a congestion charge would work in South African cities that struggle with rush hour congestion? Let us know via mail.

New York City, is dealing with their congestion by becoming the first United States city to implement a congestion charge. The City is charging motorists to enter the most crowded parts of Manhattan, according to the Guardian

Cities like London, Singapore and Stockholm have adopted the congestion charge policy and say it led to reduction in traffic and improved air quality. 

In mid-town Manhattan, traffic at rush hour almost grinds to halt with car's moving at an average of 11.27km/h. A panel will determine how much motorists will be charged and it will likely only be implemented on December 31 2020. 

Watch this video from Vox on the new congestion rules in New York City: 

Vox said: "New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced a plan to bring congestion pricing to New York City. The goal is to raise money for the city’s crumbling public transit system and reclaim the dangerously busy city streets. But what is congestion pricing, and can it actually solve all our transit woes? 

"We took a look at London, a city that enacted a congestion charge in 2003, to see some of the benefits. Check out the video above to learn more."

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