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WATCH: Hyundai, Kia team up to create a cool automated valet parking system

2019-01-07 12:00
Hyundai self parking

Image: The News Market

Hyundai and Kia unveiled an electric vehicle wireless-charging concept. It's called the Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS).

The system will offer convenience to drivers who are faced with the overcrowding of both parking and charging locations as electric vehicle numbers grow steadily. It relocates fully charged vehicles from charging stations and allow other awaiting electric vehicles to charge.

Continuous convenience

Upon commanding the vehicle to charge using a smartphone, the vehicle will automatically cruise to a vacant wireless charging station.

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When the vehicle is fully charged, it will relocate to another vacant parking space using the Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS), allowing other vehicles to charge at the spot.

When the driver calls for the vehicle, it will then autonomously return to the location of the driver. The overall process is performed by continuous communication between electric vehicle, parking facility, charging system and driver.

Hyundai self parking

                                                                          Image: The News Market

The parking facility sends the location of empty parking spaces and charging stations, while the charging system updates the charging status of the vehicle in real-time. 

Hyundai and Kia are considering on commercializing the technology upon the launch of level 4 autonomous vehicle around the year 2025. Hyundai and Kia also plan to commercialize autonomous vehicles in various smart cities from 2021 with a goal of launching fully autonomous vehicles by 2030.


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