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WATCH: How VW's diesel 'defeat device' works

2018-02-26 10:21

Image: AP

Texas - The Volkswagen emissions saga continues in 2018 and is arguably the biggest scandal to hit the automotive industry in recent years. Volkswagen was found guilty of having fitted software that cheated emissions regulators in the US. 

The German automotive giant designed software to meet clean-air standards during official emissions testing but "turned it off" during normal operations, US and California regulators charged, AFP reported.

The regulators labeled the software a 'defeat device' and the team at Engineering Explained has made a video explaining how it works. 

Watch the video below:

Engineering Explained: "Under the disguise of the EUGT, a European research group aimed at studying transportation and health, VW oversaw a study in which crab-eating macaques were placed in chambers, forced to inhale diesel exhaust fumes, in an attempt to prove that modern diesel vehicles are much cleaner than their predecessors. 

"Not only were monkeys exposed to toxic emissions, but the test was all a lie, as Volkswagen oversaw testing to verify their 'defeat device' was working properly, ensuring that the results would skew in VW's favor. And yet even after West Virginia University discovered the corruption, VW wouldn't announce that the defeat device worked until it had been proven again through testing by the California Air Resources Board. It's a reminder that we all need to be better, do better, and do the right thing."

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