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Tuning a Tesla: The R-Zentric Model 3R is a 'racetrack-tuned' electric car built to take on circuits

2018-10-01 09:51
R-Zentric Model 3R

Image: RevoZport Racing Technology

The team at RevoZport Racing Technology will unleash a track-focused Tesla in the form of its R-Zentric Model 3R.

As the name suggests, the R-Zentric M3R is designed with a focus on the Model 3 achieving, says the tuner, "Racetrack type performance".

Highest demands of power

By extending the track width by 15mm on each side, accommodating the front with the lightweight forged aluminum wheels in 9J with 255 tyres while the rear wheels at 11J with 305mm tyres.

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The setup ensures that the highest demands of power delivery particularly when cornering are achieved and that maximum traction is continuously maintained.

The aero kit, particularly, the rear end of the Model 3R is heavily inspired by the new Tesla Roadster. Designed entirely through CAD and CFD, the carbon fibre composite components fitted to the Model 3R are custom designed.

Key Highlights:

• Traction enhancement program with extended trackwidth by 30mm overall.
• Track performance focused with enlarged brake kit and tricked geometry setup
• 21" Lightweight Forged Aluminum Wheels
• Carbon Composite Aerodynamic enhancement aerokit

R-Zentric Model 3R

                                                                      Image: RevoZport Racing Technology

Designed exclusively for the Tesla Model 3 Performance, the R-Zentric Model 3R is very much ‘the’ hottest of all of the Tesla body kits currently developed by the RevoZport design team with focus on Performance & Styling.

  • Front Splitter with Side Blades
  • Extended Side Skirts
  • Rear Ground Tunnel
  • Front Extended Fenders
  • M3R GT Spoiler
  • 21" Forged Aluminum Wheels

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