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Tesla update halts automatic steering if driver inattentive

2016-09-23 07:30

IMPROVED AUTOPILOT: Tesla has rolled out a new version of its autopilot system. Image: AP


Despite the negative news surrounding and Tesla and its self-driving, the electric car company's autopilot again saved its driver.

Detroit - Tesla says an update to its Autopilot system will disable automatic steering if a driver doesn't keep their hands on the wheel.

Version 8.0 of Tesla's software began moving over the Internet to its electric vehicles on Wednesday (September 21) night.

Improved tech

Earlier versions warned the driver and slowed the car to a stop if no hands were detected on the steering wheel. It's unclear if the cars will still do that. Automatic steering won't resume until the car is parked.

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The new version of Autopilot also relies more on radar than cameras. Tesla says the change should help avoid crashes like the one that killed a driver in Florida in May.

Tesla says the software also will move the cars around slower vehicles that are partially off the right side of the road.

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