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So Nissan's braking-tech will stop you from getting 'slapped' by passengers?

2017-08-31 09:55

Image: Youtube

Japan -'Could your braking be painful to your passengers?' asks Nissan in a new video highlighting the automaker's braking-technology, which could prevent you from being slapped by your passengers...

The Nissan Note e-Power, available in Japan, is the automakers new battery hybrid. One of the unique selling points is the e-Power's ability to be driven with one pedal. In normal/D mode, its brakes operate almost identically to the brake feel of a petrol-powered car. A new video showcases the automaker's new tech.

Nissan says: "A entirely new form of electric car, the Note e-power changes the way full of signal to joy. The secret is a new sense of 'one pedal drive' that can be controlled with one accelerator pedal controlling acceleration, deceleration and stopping. The driving of electricity as it is now changes the Japanese drive.

In the video, titled 'A Brutal Passenger', a couple is seen driving about, enjoying each others company. The male driver abruptly applies the brakes, hurting his female companion in the process. Her anger manifests in a bizarre slap. So presumably you could avoid a similar situation by being more mindful of your braking habits and/or purchasing a Note e-Power?

Check it out:

Nissan said: "The unknown truth of the way of Japan that will become clear now. This country was a signal power country boasting the world's highest class signal density. As an automobile that solves such stressful Japanese drives, 'electric cars" that enable overwhelmingly smooth acceleration and deceleration are beginning to be expected."

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