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SEE | We can't stop laughing! The internet is still having hilarious reactions to Tesla's crazy new Cybertruck

2019-11-26 09:36

Janine Van der Post


Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup. Image: Tesla

South African-born Tesla CEO Elon Musk probably doesn't like the word conventional and has always gone against the grain when it comes to his products, and at the same time, paving the way for electric cars and future vehicles.

Earlier in November, Tesla unveiled its electric Cybertruck bakkie. It looks like nothing else and hardly resembles any double-cab in any bakkie market, yet it has the performance to shame most supercars. Wheels24's Lance Branquinho says of the Cybertruck: "This is the bakkie that could change everything."

It has keenly been the most-anticipated vehicle of 2019 but Tesla’s daring vision of what a future bakkie should be too well when it was revealed in California last week.

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According to an AFP report, the big reveal of Tesla's electric pick-up went embarrassingly wrong when the supposedly impact-proof windows smash, leaving a flustered Elon Musk to flounder through the rest of his presentation in front of a badly damaged vehicle.

Musk dared staff to hit the vehicle with sledgehammers and showing a video of it withstanding bullets shot from a 9mm gun.

But the demonstration of the vehicle's indestructible windows didn't appear to go entirely to plan after one assistant threw a steel ball bearing at the truck -- only to see the armoured glass smash.

It might be an oddball, er, tri-angular-shaped car, or whatever it is, the Cybertruck is incredibly fast and could very well be the future of all bakkies.

WATCH | Tesla’s Cybertruck bakkie is supercar fast and looks like nothing else

While Elon Musk is incredibly proud of his latest offering, the internet does not share his sentiments, and out came the killer-memes:

tesla cybertruck

telsa cybertruck


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